One capsule provides:

Zeolite and Calcium Montmorillonite 200mg

Fulvic acid 50mg

Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma ludicum) 50mg


Take 4 capsules as supplement before going to bed after a night of indulgence with a big glass of water. Another 4 capsules can be taken in the morning after.

Sfera Hangover Prevention & Recovery Remedy helps to prevent hangovers and aid recovery from ‘the night before’

Key benefits of the hangover remedy:

Reducing the symptoms of a hangover
Protects the liver
Reduce inflammation that causes gastric upset
Help to reduce stiff muscles after a over-consumption of alcohol.
Ideal for the festive season

How it works

Zeolite combined with calcium montmorillonite absorbs excess alcohol, reducing the number of toxins in the blood

Zeolite binds to heavy metals from smoking

Reishi mushrooms have proven liver-protective qualities that can help prevent cellular damage.

Fulvic acid replaces essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes lost


Take 4 capsules before going to bed after a night of indulgence with a big glass of water.


Sfera Bio-Nutrition

Sfera Bio Nutrition is the amalgamation of knowledge, innovation and the belief that nature has what you need for optimum health & balance. Through our dynamic female leadership team, Sfera is committed to intuitive, thoughtful supplement solutions brought to you with the utmost care. Our ingredients are responsibly sourced from around the world and locally prepared. The heart of Sfera You are what you do or don’t eat. Organic is best, always. Nature is abundant with health. Innovative complementary supplements and concepts introduced sensitively. Care for planet Earth as a whole.
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