Mild, hypoallergenic suitable for douche or washing. Use in the shower or as a soothing bubble bath. Gentle and soothing with herbal infusions of Rooibos, lavendar, calendula and witch hazel.



Based on a mission statement of love and service, NATURE FRESH HEALTH PRODUCTS is the brainchild of Jim and Sue Visser to serve customers who respect the role of natural medicine and try to protect the environment. Nature Fresh health products is a unique company with a bright green logo in all respects. In 1996 the safety of fluoride in water, toothpaste and mouthwash in South Africa was debatable. Sue stood up for the rights of the public and formulated the very first fluoride-free toothpaste, followed by an effective herbal mouthwash for supermarkets, pharmacies and health shops.
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