Collagens can be classified according to their origin. MojoMe Pure Collagen Powder sourced from pasture-raised bovine is a Type I and Type III, identical to the collagen found in human bones and skin. MojoMe Collagen Powder is produced in a state of the art ISO 9001 facility. For optimum absorption and bioavailability collagen must be hydrolysed. Hydrolysis is done through a careful enzymatic process that maintains all the properties of its bioactive peptides. MojoMe Pure Collagen Powder as Peptan® is a global leading brand of pure collagen with benefits endorsed and backed by science. It is 97% protein and contains no artificial flavourings, colourants, additives or preservatives.



Since 2013 MojoMe have been making low carb lifestyles easy, delicious and convenient, developing a range of sugar-free* low carb (KETO) healthy-fat (LCHF) Premixes, Cupboard Essentials and lifestyle supplements. Our entire range is free from added sugar, grains, gluten, starch flours, additives or preservatives, making our products suitable for anyone following an LCHF, Low Carb or Keto Lifestyle, those who are diabetic, have food intolerances or are wanting to eliminate empty calories, refined and processed foods from their diet. "The inspiration for MojoMe comes from a career spent in the hospitality and food industry. I wanted to create a brand without compromise, to empower the many people who appreciate and understand that we are what we eat. To create a premium brand that is passionate about and ethical in all that we do based on the understanding that real mojo (energy, health and vitality) comes only from eating real food - free from added sugar, grains, gluten, unpronounceables, fillers and preservatives"
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