A little about #OurHealthJourney

We embarked on our health journey together after our marriage in 2013.

We’re a wife and husband team who’ve joined forces in helping others along through our own health journey.

Wife: Bsc Natural Medicine. Juices greens and slow cooks broth. Flosses using a water pick.

Husband: Popped antibiotics as a preventative. Sinuclear for breakfast and supper. HIIT, Hydro Whey, Opti Mega Fat burner. Put fruit in the fridge, not mouth. Fries are a vegetable.

I’ve been dependant on medication and battling with weight issues for years.

Finally, after taking my wife’s advice, I’ve managed to turn the corner.

Just by eating better and listening to my body more (and wife), I have thankfully not had to turn to any magic pills for years.

Now we invite you to share your health journey with us.
Take the first step today.